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Ten Years Later Mod

[RP] Ten Years Later


You're walking through a park, just a normal park, or so it seems. As you pass a giant sundial near the path everything blurs. You're in the midst of taking a step but the colors and vague shapes are speeding past you at an alarming rate.

Then it all stops.

Buildings have changed, grown or disappeared. The park is almost abandoned with nature quickly taking back over. Your clothes are different, your hair is different.

What's going on?

A letter falls from the sky and lands in front of you, addressed to you. Inside is a single letter:

Welcome to the future. Ten years in the future to be exact.

Why you're here is a mystery to all of us, an experiment gone wrong or a wormhole. We're trying to figure it out ourselves as well as find a way to send you back. All we know right now is that it has something to do with the park you're in.

Continue north out of the park and you'll come across an old gas station/convenience store. Enter and tell us your story. We'll help you get set up to live here while we work on getting you back to where you belong.

Sundial Watchers

Application || Taken Characters
Reservations || FAQ

We're getting ready to start an event in the middle of this month so come and join us!

At the moment we have Vash, would love to have some more!
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