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Out Of Print Rare Anime DVD Sale Continues. Trigun First DVD Set

My Out Of Print Anime DVD Sale Continues With 2 new sets, ends Sunday 9pm-10pm.

Official Region 1 DVD's-
Fushigi Yugi Suzaku Set (Genon Out Print)
Trigun Part 1 Set (Genon Out Print)
Ronin Wariors Message OVA (Bandai super rare)
Tenchi Muyo OVA Volume 1 (Genon Out Print)
Sailor Moon Super S Pegasus Collection Vol. 6 (Genon Out Print)
Sorcerer On Rocks (ADV Films Out Print)

Fushigi Yugi Seiryu Box (Set Coming Soon)
Ronin Warriors Vol. 1 and 2 from TV Series (Make A Request)
Kenshin DVD's (Make A Request)

I'm a 100% Feedback seller :)
Tell all your friends! :)
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